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Play Youtube Videos Without Buffering with Fast Loading

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Play or Watch Youtube Videos Without Buffering with Fast Loading will be the killer ways for those who wanted to watch youtube videos without the bloody Buffer. YouTube is definitely a Godfather of all other video Hosting site, of course youtube videos were mostly shared even in social networking sites like Facebook, rather than directly Uploading to Facebook . We can watch you tube videos even in Slow Internet connections like Mobile 2G network with an additional feature namely Buffer. Guys, You all knows how cruel is the thing Buffering when you are watching a video Seriously with Lovely involvement. You have to Click Pause button and to wait until the load ends. Its Really a Hell out there and also someone with Short Temper may Break their Monitor for Sure. So to get rid of this problem I’m going to discuss various powerful methods for fast video buffering. So here we go for the Lightning speed Video Loading.


You can use anyone of the Below Method to Speed Up.

1. Using HTML 5.
2. Using Youtube Feather.
3. Changing Video Quality.
4. Using Speedbit Accelerator.
5. ByPassing ISP Throttling
6. Changing DNS.
7. Using Video Players.

Play or Watch Youtube Videos Without Buffering with Fast Loading

  • Method 1 – HTML 5

HTML5 is the one of the best alternative for the Flash Player in Youtube. You should know HTML5 player uses Less memory and supports Major Browsers ever in Mobile Phones and Tablets too.
HTML5 Supported Browsers : Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox 4, IE9 etc.

You should keep in mind that HTML5 player is still a Beta version for Youtube. There is some limitation for playing some videos. For example you have to watch only in flash player for the Videos that are embedded with Initial Advertisements.

To Enable HTML5 player for Youtube go to

Make sure you are Logged in with Google Account.

Click “Join the HTML5 trail” button to Enable.

Once the HTML5 is Enabled for Your Google Account, Just Play any videos and then Right click the Video Player.

A Menu with “About HTML5″ at the bottom showing? yes! you are now HTML5 enabled.

To Disable HTML5, just again visit and click “Leave the HTML5 trail”

Now the HTML5 was Deactivated. You can watch with Flash Player now.

  • Method 2 – Youtube Feather

Same Like HTML5 an another beta process namely Youtube Feather was introduced by the Giants Google inc. The main reason for the Feather’s Birth was to watch youtube video pages with Lower latency and also Feather using latest advanced technology to Reduce the Total data bytes downloaded by your browser.

To Activate Youtube Feather go to

Click “Join the Feather beta” button.

Play any videos, you will feel the feather and also a box showing “Back to the Standard Video page” at the Right side.

So, you can leave there itself or visit and click “Leave the Feather beta”.

  • Method 3 - Changing Video Quality

This is a method to be used when you were Totally lost in your 2G like internet connection. The Only Disadvantage of this method is, you cannot watch videos with crystal quality. Sorry! you cannot even see any faces clearly in the video, its totally a Blur show.

To watch videos with Lowest Quality, Just click the Gear icon in the Video Player and Select the least Quality like 140p.

If the Video Quality not suites with your Taste, Just move on to any other methods.

  • Method 4 -Speedbit Video Accelator

This method will works with a third-party Software. It will deliver a Smooth HD videos via Youtube using the Leveraging SpeedBit’s unique technology. Some Features of Speedbit Video Accelator are HD & HQ Video acceleration, iTunes acceleration, Seamless acceleration. etc

You can Download Speedbit Video accelerator From Here

Normally the Download comes with a Free Version. Buy it Pro for More Features.

Read More-

  • Method 5 - ByPassing ISP Throttling

Cached Videos were served by some Internet Service Providers(ISP) to get controlled to their Bandwidth and Downloading Speed. To overcome and get rid of this Cached videos from youtube just follow the Steps using Command Prompt(CMD).

Search for CMD in start menu and Right click open “Run as Administrator” the Command Prompt.

Just Copy Paste the Below Code and Click Enter.

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”YoutubeBufferTrick” dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

Yes! now you can load youtube videos directly from the youtube server without the Cached one.

If you are facing any IP Issues with any other sites. Just Disable the Command using the below code.

Copy and Paste to Command Prompt and Enter to Disable.

netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=”YoutubeBufferTrick”

Better assume this method as your last option,because its more risky and Dangerous to your Internet Settings.

  • Method 6 – Google DNS

You all know Youtube is one of the Child of Internet Giants Google inc. The Google owns a Domain Name System(DNS) service to make the internet faster, and also it is the largest DNS in world which is handling more than 130+ billion requests per day. So we should use GOOGLE DNS to make their child Youtube Faster.

First Connect to Internet and click the Status of the connected network.

The Click Properties, so an another window will open.

Just navigate to Networking tab > click (TCP/IP4) > then Properties.

The Properties for the IP4 connection will open. Now Configure the Following DNS in the window.

Preferred DNS :

Alternate DNS:

If you are done. Click Ok and Restart the Internet Connection.

  • Method 7 – Using Video / Media Players

This method also helps you to watch youtube videos with your Media Player like VLC player, Real player, etc.

For fast loading videos, we should choose the Mobile Format videos.

So go to and choose any video.

Then Right-click the Watch Video link and “Copy Link Address”

It should be like this, starting with rtsp://


Once you copied the like, Open any Media Players, I’m using VLC player here.

Go to Media > Open Network Stream… or simply click Ctrl+N (only for VLC).

Now Paste the Copied rtsp:// link and click Play.

You can see the Youtube video playing in VLC player with Mobile quality.


So, these are all the possible ways to speedup youtube videos loading. Now there will be no frustration watching youtube videos. Please Feel free to comment and share if you liked Play or Watch Youtube Videos Without Buffering with Fast Loading

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