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Self Improvement : Need, Methods (Ways) and Resources ( A Detailed Free Guide ) - Part 1

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Self-improvement is universal to the human experience; we all have things we’d like to change about ourselves. Perhaps you want to lose weight, improve your skills in a certain area, be more comfortable socially, be happier, or more productive. Whatever the ultimate improvement desired, in order to achieve it you may benefit from identifying your specific goals, enacting change, and coping with setbacks.

What is Self Improvement

Let's define self-improvement. The definition of self-improvement is pretty self-explanatory: 
Self-improvement is the improvement of one's knowledge, status, or character by one's own efforts. It's the quest to make ourselves better in any and every facet of life.

Self Improvement Tips, Ideas & Books for Student and Working People

Need For Self Improvement (Why It's Important)?

It is up to the person to decide how he harvests the power of his brain. Self Improvement is said to have transformed many lives and people say they develop a completely different view to life once they incorporated self improvement tactics in their routine. Professional help is available for people who want a change in perspective and if one truly feels tired of life, it could be time to take such advice.

Following are the situation which leads any one to focus on Self Improvement :

  1. When a human being is challenged both physically and mentally, he pushes himself to be better, thus pushes against his self-created boundaries. When someone is pushed, he gets the determination to break open his shackles. This helps him meet newer people, be open and honest with them and helps him stand tall amidst the various members of the society.
  2. Regaining one’s lost self esteem in general forms a major part of transforming a person. Often due to the lack of self esteem people convince themselves that they do not deserve good things in life and they thus decrease their own expectations for things.
  3. Personal growth is the ongoing process of understanding and developing yourself in order to achieve your fullest potential personal development is a vital part in a person’s growth, maturity, success and happiness. It is the foundation of emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual health
  4. Making the decision to improve on your skills takes you a step closer to feeling more confident. Once you have achieved a certain goal, gained another skill, or developed a certain area of your life, you naturally feel good about yourself. The more you keep on developing in the areas of your life you are not confident in, the more you can boost your confidence.
  5. Anger management is another aspect of self improvement. Medical science clearly states that anger simply leads to increase in the blind pressure, thus it is strongly advised that one must learn to control the amount of anger in all situations.
  6. Fear is one of the main enemies of a person. Facing it is much better than living with it at the back of your mind and once you have faced it all the thoughts pertaining to it get cleared out.
  7. Positive thinking is an integral part to a healthy life. The mind holds the power to make our life heaven or hell. 
Are you willing to include self-improvement in your life?
Lets talk about the ways of self improvement.

How to Improve Yourself

We had complied a list of three method (ways) which anyone can find useful for his/her self Improvement.

how to improve yourself

Method 1 for Self improvement : Know What You Want

1. Define your core values. Write them down, prioritize them, and read them regularly. Then set your goals based on them.

2. Imagine what it could be like in the future. Thinking about future positive and negative possibilities enhances motivation, expectation of successful goal completion, and commitment to self-improvement. Thinking about a positive future helps you imagine a reality where you are the best self you can be, while imagining a negative reality results in an awareness of what might happen if you do not meet your improvement goals.
  • Imagine a miracle happened overnight and when woke up in the morning you were exactly how you want to be. Everything you wanted to improve about yourself happened in the middle of the night somehow. How are you different? How does it feel? Who is around you? What are you doing? Imagine what it would be like to live life as this completely improved self. Based on what you imagine, you can begin developing goals. Perhaps you imagined yourself as being confident and physically fit. What do you think would have needed to happen for this to occur?
3. Determine what needs improvement and what doesn't. It is important to be specific in your 
goals, and to know which goals are a top priority. 
  • Identify your assets (honest, hard-working, loving...etc.) and your liabilities (angry, overweight...etc.). This may help you identify the areas in which you want to make the most improvement. 
  • Prioritize your list of goals. Rate each goal from 1-10, 10 being the highest priority for you. Focus on this goal first.
4. Get feedback. Receiving feedback about what to improve upon helps individuals’ performance on tasks, and enhances goal-achievement. Thus, asking others ways you can improve will help you develop specific goals and motivate you on your journey.
  • Start by asking your significant other or family members ways they think you can improve yourself. Make sure you only ask individuals whom you trust and those that will take your feelings into consideration (rather than belittling or criticizing you). You might be surprised       by their answers.
  • Talk to a trusted confidante such as a therapist, a religious leader or even a "sponsor" in a 12 step group. Having an outside party helps reduce self-deception and denial. We sometimes have a problem of being either too hard or too soft on ourselves, but talking to others can help us form an accurate picture of ourselves if we are to improve.
  • Pick which suggestions you can apply to yourself and to practice those suggestions. If a certain set doesn't seem to work, try another! Nothing works for everyone. You need to find what works for you!
5. Make SMART goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. For example, your goal could be to lose 20 pounds (specific, measurable, attainable) in 3 months (realistic, time-bound).
  • Try this online resource for creating SMART goals at GetSelfHelp.Co.UK.
  • Break down each goal into smaller goals. For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds you will need to develop a plan which will include smaller goals such as: lowering daily calorie intake, exercising 3-5 times per week, and limiting sugar intake.
  • Instead of making grand goals, start by establishing little goals that achieve the grand goal. For instance losing 50 pounds may seem like a daunting task but something like no chocolate for a week may be more viable.
6. Seek out information on how to pursue that change. Information can be gathered from books, articles, friends, family, and professionals. It is amazing how much information will find you when you are ready!
  • Think about ways you have made similar positive changes in the past. If you haven’t, think about how others have achieved what you want. Talk to people who are in your same position and ask for help. For example, if you want to lose weight, you could sign up for Weight Watchers and go to groups at the center.

Method 2 for Self improvement : Enacting Change

1. Make sure you are ready to change. There are 4 stages of change according to the Transtheoretical Model of behavior change. Identifying which stage you are in can help you determine whether you are ready to make a change or if you need more motivation.
  • Pre-contemplation stage: This stage is when there is a problem but you are not aware of it or you are denying it. Nobody is perfect; everyone has flaws and needs to constantly work on them. If you don't admit your flaws courageously, you would block any possibility of improvement,
  • Contemplation: You are aware of a problem and are contemplating changing it. People can become stuck on this step for a long time until they move on. You may be in this stage if you are still deciding what to change about yourself. Or maybe you are afraid of change; in that case, understand that changing is an essential part of growth which you should embrace.
  • Preparation: You have committed to change and are making a plan of action. You may be in this stage if you are working on your goals.
  • Action: Making the changes. You are in this stage if you are working on your plan on a daily basis. You have a plan and are currently moving toward your goal.
  • Maintenance: You have completed your goal and are maintaining your progress.
2. Be your own coach. Self-coaching or checking in with yourself on a daily basis has been linked to increases in self-improvement, especially in terms of leadership qualities. Daily check-ins facilitate awareness of your current performance and your ability to achieve goals.
  • Ask yourself questions like, “Did I focus on or work toward my goals today? Did I have a positive attitude today? Was I kind to myself today? Did I accept my challenges today? Did I change something for the better today?”
3. Consider outside help. If you find that self-coaching is not helping and you need some outside support, life-coaching has been associated with positive change, and goal-realization. Additionally, therapists and psychologists are typically trained in interventions to assist you in achieving personal goals, such as Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT).

4. Practice, practice, practice! Change may come slowly especially if it is a large self-improvement. Just keep going until your goal is your new reality (the changed you).
Remind yourself about your specific goals on a daily basis.

Method 3 for Self improvement : Coping with Setbacks

1. Acknowledge that setbacks are normal. If change moved vertically, we’d all have an easier time making personal modifications. The truth is, change does not typically follow a distinct path and there may be rocks in the road.
  • For example, in weight loss it is not common for someone to continue to lose weight every single day. Some days you may not lose any weight, and some days you may gain some weight. The key is not letting these inevitable fluctuations cause you to give up on your goal. What is important is that overall, you lose weight over time. Know that you can do anything you put your mind to (that is reasonable of course)!
  • Make a list of possible setbacks that may occur during your journey toward self-improvement. Identify ways to deal with each setback.
2. Focus on what you will do in the future. Dwelling on what you did wrong does not help you achieve goals. However, focusing on what you can do now and in the future helps you to. Instead of letting the rock in your path stop your journey, focus on moving forward and learning how to better deal with rocks in the future. You can go around or jump over the rocks.
  • For example, if you wanted to lose weight and ending up gaining a pound over the weekend, instead of thinking negatively and giving up on your goal, think something like, "it's okay to have a little fluctuation in weight. I'm going to continue to feed my body healthy foods!"
  • Unlike what most people think, failure is not evil per se. It is a bad thing in the short run, but it is actually helpful in the long run! That depends on you. So don't fear failure and simply consider them as a potential foundation of a new understanding and strength. There is a reason great people failed a lot.
3. Accept and affirm yourself. Research indicates that individuals who accept their challenges can actually be more motivated toward positive change.  Additionally, individuals who affirm or validate themselves often are more able to think about and understand their challenges.
  • Recognize your strengths and your challenges, even if you have to list all of them down.
  • Understand yourself as an outside observer. Try to objectively look at yourself by observing your behaviors such as how you act, speak, and think around other people.
  • Assess yourself and what you do regularly. Allocate a time for this at the weekends. Some do that before going to bed every night. See what areas need improvement, and find out how to improve that, then write it down and read that everyday you wake up in the coming week until it is fixed.

Resources to Help in Self Improvement

free resources for self improvement
There are literally DOZENS of places to go and people to talk to when it comes to Self Improvement. The only problem is that it can difficult to comprehend and evaluate all of these options. That's why I've compiled a complete list of 31 Self Improvement resources. Consider it a brainstorming session to help you think about and understand all of the different choices available.

I've divided the list into five sections, and for each section, I include the pros and cons of using those particular resources. Basically, I want you to use this list for two reasons:

  • To get you thinking about all of the different resources available to you, and
  • To get you thinking about their advantages and disadvantages, so you can appropriately choose the right one(s).
I will Cover this Topic in my next post (Since this post already had been long enough).
Follow us on social media i.e. Facebook and Twitter to get update as soon as I publish the next part of this series.
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Box Office Collection of Avengers : Infinity War (Record Breaking)

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Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War has blasted past the $700M worldwide collection mark with $725.5M through Monday. We can expect milestones to continue to fall throughout this week: $800M should hit with today’s numbers added, and $1B worldwide collection is coming this weekend — possibly through Friday which would be 10 days in release. Anything under 12 days to $1B would see Infinity War become the fastest movie to the benchmark, taking a light saber to Star Wars: The Force Awakens which currently holds the record.

World Wide Box Office Collection of Avengers : Infinity War

Comparison with other movies box office collection

After six days in release at the international box office, the offshore total is $443.1M. IW is currently supercharging 67% ahead of Captain America: Civil War and 58% above Avengers: Age Of Ultron overseas. Domestically, the Anthony and Joe Russo juggernaut is at $282.4M.

The offshore Monday was worth $60.3M in 52 material markets. That’s 19% of the opening weekend and is 2% above the first Monday for The Force Awakens back during the 2015 Christmas season. In many hubs on Monday (and again today), Thanos is taking advantage of the May Day holiday.

World Wide Box Office Collection of Avengers : Infinity War

The UK continues to lead international markets with $45.5M, followed by Korea ($43.3M), Mexico ($30.8M), Australia ($24.9M), Brazil ($23.7M), India ($22.5M), France ($20.6M), Germany ($18.6M), the Philippines ($14M) and Italy ($13.4M).

Also on Monday, the Avengers‘ assembled worldwide gross passed the lifetimes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($714M), Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($709M), Doctor Strange ($678M), Man Of Steel ($668M), Justice League ($658M) and Thor: The Dark World ($645M). Over the weekend, it had already exceeded the entire runs of Iron Man 2, Logan, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger and The Incredible Hulk.

Indian Box Office Collection of Avengers : Infinity War

Indian Box Office Collection
Total Collection:
Amount (In Crore)
 Opening Day
End Of Opening Weekend
Life Time Collection
Day Wise Box Office Collection:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
TERRITORY WISE Box Office Collection:
East Punjab
West Bengal
Bihar & Jharkhand
Tamil Nadu & Kerala
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Social Skills One can Learn From Experienced Persons in 10 Minutes

Social Skills are always a big things to consider, for someone who is focusing on self- improvement, whether it be in home or in office or in some other casual gathering. We are coming out with a list of social skills that can be learned in no time.

focus on self- improvement

List of Social Skills to Learn in no time for Self Improvement:

  1. Always split the bill on a date shamelessly.
  2. If you borrow someone’s vehicle, refuel the tank and give it back. A good wash won’t hurt either.
  3. Don’t post someone’s picture without their permission unless you’re really good friends.
  4. Take the customary selfie at the end, if you keep taking them throughout, most of us get annoyed.
  5. If you’re not in a relationship, don’t book corner seats in a theater. You will get a lot of blessings.
  6. Dress casually on your first date, you will find out how “into you” someone really is.
  7. Drink beer only with people you trust. This is very important.
  8. If you have a friend in the Armed Forces, stop asking for cheap alcohol. It’s irritating.
  9. When bitching about people you hate, make sure there are no spies around. Spies usually exaggerate their conversations beyond belief.
  10. If you’re a good cook, take some extra food for your friends or co-workers. It will make you more lovable.
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Bollywood Box Office Collection 2017-2018 Report with Verdicts

Bollywood Box Office collection

Bollywood Box Office collection 2017-2018

This list is updated on Mar 31, 2018. Movie Costs are estimates containing both Production and Print and Advertising costs. This contains only Net Collections it doesn't include overseas collections. Here is the complete list.

Latest Bollywood Box Office Report

Movie Name

Box Office Collection

Budget (Cost+ P&A)

Box Office Verdict (Hit Ya Flop)

Avengers 3All Time Record Opening$300 Million--
Beyond the Clouds 1.2 Crore12 CroreFlop
October37.5 Crore45 CroreFlop
Rampage26 Crore  $ 120 MillionHit
Blackmail 18.3 Crore 20 Crore Flop
Baaghi 2156.6 Crore60 CroreSuper Hit
Hichki27 Crore20 CroreAverage
Raid98.75 Crore70 CroreHit
Hate Story 418.5 Crore21 CroreFlop
Bajrangi Bhaijaan(China) 295.32 Crore  125 Crore Super Hit
Pari 25.25 Crore30 CroreFlop
Sonu ke Titu 100 Crore40 CroreSuper Hit
Aiyaary 17 Crore60 CroreDisaster
Black Panther31.5 Crore$200 MillionHit
Padman78.25 Crore70 CroreAverage
Padmaavat 284.68 Crore200 CroreSuper Hit
Secret Superstar (China) 750.69 Crore50 CroreHit
Tiger Zinda Hai336.95 Crore 150 CroreBlockbuster
192113 Crore 15 Crore Flop
Kalakaandi  5 Crore20 CroreFlop
Mukkabaaz8.6 Crore10 CroreFlop
Fukrey72 Crore30 CroreSuper Hit
Firangi 10.1 Crore25 CroreFlop
Tumhari Sulu30 Crore20 CroreHit
Thor 60 Crore $180 MillionSuper Hit

Movie Name

Box Office Collection

Budget (Cost+ P&A)

Box Office Verdict (Hit Ya Flop)

Golmaal Again204.34 Crore100 CroreBlockbuster
Secret Superstar 61.3 Crore50 CroreHit
Judwaa 2131 Crore  80 Crore Super Hit
Baadshaho 67.9 Crore 80 Crore Flop
Toilet Ek Prem Katha131.78 Crore 40 Crore Super Hit
Tubelight117.02 Crore 100 CroreAverage
Baahubali 2 ( Hindi)500.75 Crore 80 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Shubh Mangal Savdhan 40.39 Crore  25 Crore Hit
Jab Harry Met Sejal62.45 Crore 80 Crore Flop
Mubarakan 54.1 Crore 70 Crore Flop
Jagga Jasoos 52 Crore75 CroreFlop
Star Wars Last Jedi11 Crore300 MillionFlop
Hindi Medium60.85 Crore23 CroreSuper Hit
Badri Ki Dulhania  114.1 Crore42 CroreSuper Hit
Justice League39.6 Crore$300 MillionHit
Jolly LLB 2107.4 Crore 45 Crore Hit
Raees  131.65 Crore85 CroreHit
Kaabil92.85 Crore60 CroreHit
Ittefaq26.83 Crore22 CroreAverage
Qarib Qarib Singlle14.45 Crore20 CroreFlop
Simran14.5 Crore30 CroreFlop
Mersal147 Crore gross130 CroreSuper Hit
Newton17 Crore15 Crore Average
Chef5 Crore30 CroreDisaster
Haseena Parkar6.5 Crore30 CroreFlop
Spyder 110 Crore gross120 Crore Flop
Lucknow Central11.25  Crore30 CroreFlop
Kingsman 214 Crore $104 Million Average
Bhoomi10 Crore30 CroreFlop
A Gentleman17.15 Crore60 CroreDisaster
Poster Boys  11.25 Crore30 CroreFlop
Bareilly Ki Barfi25.3 Crore20 Crore Average
IT16 Crore $35 Million Average
Babumoshai Bandookbaaz6 Crore14 CroreFlop
Annabelle: Creation46.25 Crore$15 MillionHit
Munna Michael 31.5 Crore 45 Crore Flop
Fast & Furious 882.97 Crore nett$250 MillionSuper Hit
Vivegam  157 Crore gross75 CroreHit
Spiderman51.2 Crore $175 MillionHit
Half Girlfriend 54.5 Crore48 CroreHit
Mom 31 Crore 40 CroreFlop
Sachin 50.25 Crore 30 Crore Hit
Lipstick Under Burkha 14.85 Crore6 CroreHit
Indu Sarkar 4.7 Crore 11 Crore Flop
Wonder Woman 18.54 Crore $120 MillionAverage
Dunkirk 21.25 Crore$150 MillionAverage
War For Planet off Apes14.2 Crore$152 MillionAverage
Raabta20.7 Crore50 CroreDisaster
Guest Iin London 7.5 Crore25 CroreFlop
Transformers 5 17 Crore$ 217 MillionAverage
Duvvada Jagannadham 92 Crore gross75 CroreHit
Behen Hogi Teri2 Crore15 CroreDisaster
Bank Chor 6.93 Crore15 CroreFlop
Despicable Me 3 4.5 Crore$75 MillionAverage
The Mummy 19 Crore $125 MillionAverage
Cars 3 4 Crore$ 100 Million--
Baywatch 7.5 Crore $69 Million Flop
Pirates of Carribean 5 26.35 Crore $230 MillionAverage
Naam Shabana 33.25 Crore40 CroreFlop
Phillauri 24 Crore21 CroreAverage
Sarkaar 39.25 Crore35 CroreFlop
Meri Pyari Bindu9.25 Crore22 CroreFlop
Noor6.6 Crore22 CroreFlop
Begum Jaan 17.75 Crore 19 CroreFlop
Manje Bistre (Punjabi) 14.71 Crore10 CroreHit
Machine  3.25  Crore25 CroreFlop
Katamarayudu 84.5  Crore gross70 Crore--
Beauty and Beast  15  Crore$160 MillionFlop
Commando 221.9 Crore 20 CroreAverage
Rangoon19.41 Crore70 CroreDisaster
Kong: Skull Island18.5 Crore $ 190 MillionAverage
Ghazi Attack  18.5 Crore60 Crore Flop
Logan30.5 Crore$127 MillionAverage
Dangal 386.33 Crore125 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Ok Jaanu  19.81 Crore28 CroreFlop
XXX Xander Cage 38 Crore$85 MillionAverage

* denotes estimated figures may change. --- denotes final result awaited

Box Office India 2108

Here are some additional information and frequently asked questions on how bollywood box office operates in India
  1. Box Office in India is distributed across 11 territories with Mumbai Circuit being the most influential. 
  2. Gross box office collections are total receipts at the box office which is than subject to entertainment tax which varies from state to state. 
  3. Nett box office Collections are gross collections less entertainment tax and these are the ones reported here.
  4. Distributor Share is the final number which all the distributor receives . Distributor Share is Nett Collections less theatre rentals where theatre rentals vary differently for multiplexes and single screens. 
  5. Producers usually sell the movie and various rights before release to a distributing studio or to individual distributors and are usually safe and risks rest with distributors.
  6. Trade essentially are the various distributors and exhibitors associated with the movie and Trade Figure means figure reported by them. This is usually less than Producer 's reported figure which is the more commonly reported by various websites.
  7. Box Office updates on our site is daily for last released bollywood movie and is delayed for movies released in previous 


This list is complied from various sources and our research.
This list includes only India box office data .
The figures can be approximate and we do not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However they are adequately indicative of the box-office performance of the film(s)
We only report trade figures here producer figures are available on each post page.

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