This morning, millions of people around the world awoke to discover at least one new thing and that thing for today is How To Write Color Text On Facebook . People around the world are always excited to know the tips related to Facebook .

Write Color Text On Facebook

Now I start with how to write color is the tip..

Colore code for facebook

Color Code: 

 <+fg=b0ffd700>  golden
<+fg=b0000000>  black
<+fg=b0ff7f00>  orange
<+fg=b0ffff00>  yellow
<+fg=b0ff00ff>  light pink
<+fg=b0ff007f>  dark pink
<+fg=b0ff0000>  redish pink
<+fg=b0800000>  brown
<+fg=b0ffc0cb>  light purple
<+fg=b06f00ff> dark blue
<+fg=b0c0c0c0>  grey
<+fg=80ffffff>  sky blue
<+fg=b000ffff>  light blue
<+fg=b0bf00ff>  purple
<+fg=b08f00ff> dark purple
<+fg=b0808000> mehandi green
<+fg=b0ba55d3> light purple
<+fg=b0f000f0>  majenta
<+fg=b00000ff>  blue
<+fg=b0b08080>  steel grey
<+fg=b0000080> movve
<+fg=b0964b00> light brown
<+fg=f0f00f0f>  red
<+fg=b000ff00>  green
''fg'' for font color & ''bg'' for background color (Fg can be removed by ''bg'' to change the back ground color)

<+b> can be used to broaden the font.......

Ex  <+b><+fg=b000ff00><+bg=f0f00f0f>hiii    ( hiii )

      <+b><+fg=f0f00f0f>hiii  ( hiii )

Note: Before using every code ...remove ''+'' from every where

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