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10 Best Free Recharge apps to get Free Talktime

10 Best Free Recharge apps to get Free Talktime/Recharges on your Mobile (Android/PC)

Today most of us have Smartphones or Android phone’s so why not let our so-called “Smartphones” let themselves do the earning for themselves ? . Its quite easy too and believe me even if half of the time devoted to chat on apps like Whatsapp/hike/Line etc is given to these awesome earnings apps they will earn you a quite handy amount! . Which in turn can be used to redeem mobile recharges,Discount coupons etc amazing, isn’t it Making the phone a real “Smart” one. So lets have a look on the 10 Best free Recharge apps to get free to get Talktime/Recharges right on your mobile by doing practically nothing!.
Moreover,this free Money/Recharge thingy is quite unpredictable an app developer or company suddenly stops giving the Recharges(e.x MAdlock,UReward,PaisaWiz,hike!) or free benefits,thus resulting in Public Outage, hence i have posted only trustworthy apps and will update this post from time to time so no need to worry, you’re absolutely safe with us 
Note : (PC users can use Bluestacks or any Android emulator if they don’t own Android phones , others with Lumia/Windows Phones can refer this Non-Android Recharge Methods post) while Android users can keep reading this article 

App No 1 : mCent

mCent may be a newer entry for Indian users in this Free Recharge Category, but its present in the Global market from a long time, and i have earned quite a hefty amount from it .
Method : mCent pays youRs.10 as sign-up bonus, Plus Mcent also pays you Rs.50! for each friend you refer :). There is minimum Amount for Redemption. and you can redeem your earnings even if though they are as Less as Rs.10 

mCent also pays you for installing apps, Completing Offers and Surveys and its a good amount On an average Rs.15 are credited to you,just for installing a Single app.! Talk more about awesomeness!
Click here to register on mCent or alternatively you can download the mCent app from the Google Play Store by clicking here 

POKKT is another great app, which helps you  to earn free recharges, though the download of Other apps, its simple User interface makes it extremely easier to use.
Method : You can use friend referral link to invite friends to POKKT , you get Rs.10for each friend referred to POKKT , in addition to the Money you get after you download the apps through POKKT.

App No 3 : FreePlus App

FreePlus app is an exciting new app launched with the same architecture to get Free Recharges and Gift Cards. Amount is credited each time you complete the offers by either downloading the apps through it or by viewing the ads.
Method : Install the FreePlus app,Register using your E-Mail ID, and start completing free offers such as Downloading Apps to get Free Recharge amount credited in your wallet. Each App downloaded through FreePlus can earn you upto Rs.20 (max), Also you can earn more by referring your friends to FreePlus. FreePlus provides you Rs.7 per successfull Friend Referral  (You can enter my referral id – i110248 for getting extra Rs.1)

App No 4 : Amulyam

Amulyam was the first company in India to sponsor free recharges through Ad-viewing . Naturally it wasn’t going to lag behind in the app-for-recharge race 
Method : Amulyam offers money for installing apps upto the limit of Rs.40, frankly speaking the payout is never so high and infact Amulyam has comparatively lower payouts as compared to other apps :( . But its the Reliability where it marks ahead. Besides installing Apps and Viewing ads, you can also use the Invite Option to invite your friends.
Amulyam pays Rs.5 on per successful friend Invite :)

Ladoo is yet another awesome app to get free Recharges on your Mobile, and the earning methods are similar to the one’s discussed earlier
Method : Just install ladooo on your device and start earning! No need to even register .! Upto Rs.12 are paid per app installation and it also gives Rs.10 for each friend referral!  Overall,another good and easy app to have when want to get recharges as well as have timepass

App No 6 : Earn Talktime app

Earn Talktime is yet another simple app which lets you earn money/credits by doing actions. Actions may be downloading an app or simply a friend referral.
You can earn upto Rs.20 per successful download and installation of App through Earn Talktime app, Plus you also get additional Rs.20 for each successful Friend Referral! (Invited + installed an app)

App No 7 : Mojo! – The app

Mojo is the newest entry in this list and perhaps,is my favourite! . Mojo has the largest number of offers among all the Free Recharge apps! , though Mojo doesn’t directly provide Recharge, it provides Mojo coins! Mojo coins can be later redeemed for –
§  PayTM Recharge coupons.
§  Flipkart Gift Cards.
§  Book My Show Vouchers.
§  Amazon Cash cards!
The rate of exhange is around 166 Mojo = 10 Rupees , which is pretty fair and good!   , Also you can earn more coins by sharing the app to your friends too! which gives you 50 Mojos for each friend referred . Mojo has the highest number of offers of all the apps i have ever seen!

App No 8 : Task Bucks App
TaskBucks app is the newest entry in this Free Recharge Market but its Reliable and comes from a trusted developer .It provides recharges for installing apps, Watching Videos, Completing Offers as well as referrals .
Method : TaskBucks too works on the familiar Download apps to get Recharge,but it also has payment options for getting paid for visiting websites , filling forms. Once you install any application through it, Open the installed application for about 30Seconds and then leave it. Your cash on Apps credits will be credited to your account which can be redeemed for Mobile Recharges!
§  Also, even more! – TaskBucks also provides Rs.5 per each friend Referred.

App No 9 : CashPandit app

Cash Pandit is yet another free recharge app which provides recharge for downloading apps and completing offers . The striking thing about CashPandit is that it has some unique offers which aren’t present in other apps thus enabling you to earn some extra additional free recharge :).
What’s more ? Cash Pandit also provides Rs.2 per Referral for each friend who install the CashPandit app through your referral link.

App No 10 : App Trials

App Trials is yet another new entry which pays users for completing offers. Not only just Free Mobile Recharges, Free Recharge Deals app even provides Free Postpaid Bill payments!, it provides you credit for completing the listed offers .
Method : Install the  App Trials App , register your mobile number and start downloading apps through App Trials ads or any of the external ads mentioned in the app to get money in your wallet!. Besides this you even earn for Playing Games and by Watching Videos on your mobile add to that you can even Refer your friends to get 5 Rs per each Referral! to get Unlimited Recharge!

UPDATE - Click here to Get instant Rs.50 Cash/Recharge using Mood Indigo + Oxigen Wallet | A new app – Times City offers free recharge of Rs.50 just for Signing-Up! Click here to see the method / article for TimesCity.

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Though, you might have earned a hefty balance by now, but it doesn’t stop here, you can even make free Phone calls to Indian Mobiles/Landlines by some awesome apps that too without any Internet Connection!   – Click the following link to know more about the Best Free Calling Apps to Call Indian Mobiles/Landlines
So, i conclude my lengthy post here. I will Update this Post time to time , so keep reading or bookmark it.
And if you’re interested in even more bonuses my next post is coming soon…and its posted here ! Earn Real cash through your Android Phone

happy readingg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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