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10 Tips to increase the performance of your Android phone

The world of Android is growing so rapidly that it became the largest selling mobile platform. The ever increase in demand for performance made few mobiles fall behind.

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During initial release of Android mobiles, many mobiles came up with little internal memory and low CPU peed. With the advent of new technology the processing speed and RAM of mobiles climbed high. The older mobiles lagged a lot in performance. New apps are developed which consume lot of phone memory and these apps are required for many users. This consumed lot of ROM as well as RAM bringing down the performance. So here are few tips to increase the performance and speed of your mobile.

1) Move Apps to SD card

Install most of your apps on your memory card. Move the apps to memory card with the inbuilt "manage applications" options or with any application available on play store.

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Two apps are worth mentioning here for this, link2sd and Appmgr III. You can move apps to sd card with these apps. Link2sd requires root. With this application you can move many apps to sd card that are not movable with traditional options.

2) Clear cache and Junk files

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With the increase in usage of you mobile there will be accumulation of many junk files and cache. Clean them with clean managers that are available on play store. There are several apps for this and it depends on your personal choice. Clean at regular intervals. Some apps provide auto cleaning with which you can set cleaning automatically avoiding a manual operation.

3) Better kill background applications

Background applications which constantly try to connect to Internet when available consume your mobile's RAM. 
These apps may pose a problem for mobiles with low processing speed. It is better to kill the background apps with custom task manager (if available) or any third party app from Play store. Sometimes background applications may freeze your system or create force close errors.

4) Root Your Device

Root your device to add additional features with which you can open the hidden options. You can move traditional apps to sd card that install only on phone memory by rooting your device.

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NOTE: Rooting your device wil void the warranty of your phone.
One of my experience is worth mentioning here. I have rooted my Motorola milestone and installed Cyanogen mod 7. After this all my apps including official Google apps like Gmail, Maps, Play Store and YouTube are installed on sd card leaving me lots of space for phone memory. My mobile became sleek and stunningly fast.
So better root your device and move almost all apps to sd card.

5) Install a custom ROM

Stock ROM will consume lot of phone memory. People who want to get a new experience with their mobile or who got bored with the limitations of their traditional stock ROM, install a custom ROM for your mobile. 
Most of the custom ROMs will occupy very less phone memory giving you extra space. Also custom ROMs will give you extra additional features which stock ROM doesn't.

6) Stay to Optimum

Some apps consume very high RAM even though they are installed in sd card like live wall papers, launchers, themes etc. It is better to avoid all these unless you feel that they occupy very less space and consume low RAM.

7) Disable windows animations

Disabling windows animations will enhance faster scrolling, quick access and fast loading of applications. Disable windows animations by accessing the development menu from the settings of your mobile.

8) Understand the Layout

Though you move apps to external sd card they will still consume some amount of your phone memory. So think before installing apps on mobiles having low internal memory. Don't install heavy apps which your mobile can't handle them. Don't use live wall papers when your CPU speed is low.

9) Better not to update the official OS

It is better to keep your mobile with stock ROM while you were when you purchased the mobile. Higher versions of Android will occupy more space and use more RAM.

10) Disable unwanted settings and apps

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Disable/Uninstall unwanted system apps and also disable unwanted features that use Internet in background (ex: syncing) to avoid consumption of extra RAM.


Follow the above tips and tweaks to increase the performance and speed up of your android mobile. Keep your apps to minimum, don't over load your mobile and expect the best performance. Understand what apps and tweaks your mobile can handle. Besides there are some apps that optimize all the software settings like task killing, memory optimization, disabling animations etc automatically. Select wisely and get the best! .
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