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8 Beauty Tips to Change Your Life

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After getting Good response on the post This App Brings Beauty Professionals To Your Home under grooming, I'm further going to explore this Here's a list of 8 beauty tips for the girls, which will defiantly help her to improve from current position. 
It is never too late to try something new. Apply the eight beauty tips below and see your present life transform.
8 Beauty Tips to Change Your Life
1. Use concealer to have triangles drawn under the eyes with the points toward the cheeks will imitate the lifting effect.
If you want to get a fresher look with a lifting effect all you need to do is to apply your concealer in a new way. The trick will illuminate the whole face making it look younger and fresher. It will also hide the dark circles.
2. Bobby pins inserted into the ponytail holder to hold up the hair.
Do your hair the usual way. Next, use 2-3 bobby pins and insert them into the band. The pins should be faced downward your head. Finally, fluff the hair and flip the tail over. Enjoy a propped up and full ponytail!
3. Eyeshadow close to the natural shade of your hair applied to the hairline can make your hair look thicker.
This tip is cool if you have thin hair yet want it to look thicker. It is especially useful and effective if you are planning to be taken pictures of. Eye shadow will cover the empty spaces and you will not need to part your hair.

4. Soak your fingernails in ice cold water right after you paint them to dry the polish quicker.
Take a bowl and fill it up with ice cubes. Pour cold water on top. Put your freshly painted fingernails and soak them in the water for a couple of minutes.
5. Bobby pins flipped so that its wavy side is against your head.
If you regularly use bobby pins, you might find this tip very useful. The reason why the grip is not good enough is simply because the even part of the pin is slick and cannot hold the hair.
6. Apply lighter shades of concealer to the inner corner of the eyes, the middle of the upper lid and the area under your brow.
Use concealer that is lighter than your complexion around your eyes. This tip is effective if your purpose is hide the results of a sleepless night.
7. Saline solution can be used to refresh your mascara.
Most manufacturers claim that mascara lasts for up to 3 months. If you notice that your mascara is too flaky, what you can do is to add a bit of saline solution. A few drops of the solution is enough to improve the product so that it could last longer.
8. Warm up your eyelash curler using a hair dryer. Curling lashes will instantly become way easier.
Warm up the surface of your eyelash curler. The higher temperature will heat up the curler which in turn will make curling easier. Besides, eyelashes, curled in this manner will stay in shape for longer. Curl your lashes when the curler is warm enough. Be careful and do not burn your eyelid. Do not make the curler too hot.
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