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Tips to Use PC Internet on Your Android Mobile

FEBRUARY 20, 2015

 We all know how to use Android mobile as modem and use cellular data on PC or laptop via USB  tethering.  But now we are about to do the opposite. In this guide I will guide you how to use your  PC's internet on your Android mobile via USB. This method is called as Reverse Tethering.
 With reverse tethering you can use your broadband connectivity on your mobile via USB cable. This  method is particularly useful for people who don't have a wireless router or if you are using a LAN  cable for broadband connections via modem.
 In order to get this work you need to root your mobile. If you are not sure how to root your mobile,  please drop me an email with your mobile name, model, kernel version, country and Android  version. I will be glad to help you in rooting your mobile.
 Once you are rooted connect your mobile via USB to your PC/Laptop. Enable USB debugging on  your mobile settings. Make sure you have installed all drivers of your mobile on PC. If you can't find  appropriate drivers for your mobile you can install universal ADB drivers on your system. Google a  bit about universal ADB drivers.

 Once you are done download and install Reverse Tethering tool from here.

After installing reverse tethering open the application and make sure your mobile is connected to PC. The application will detect the connected device. After that click on connect. The application will install USB tunnel on your mobile which will help you to use your PC's broadband connectivity on your mobile. Allow the application to be installed. (Make sure you have enabled "Unknown Sources" in security settings of your mobile).

Late you will be prompted for super user access for USB tunnel. Allow it. Now after all commands and prompts the reverse tethering app will successfully connect your mobile to PC and you can start browsing.

This a quite simple procedure that works accurately if you have followed the steps properly.


• Google Play store has issued some security certificates with which you cannot not download apps from play store depending on your android version. I haven't tested this process on KitKat but it is working on JellyBean. You may be able to browse Play Store but you cannot download apps.

• There is an experimental hack going on with which you can install apps from Play Store. But am not posting that guide here as it may create problems for your device.

• If Chrome and default browser are not connecting to internet try to use other browsers like Dolphin.

• Some apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Facebook Messenger etc may not work with this process.

• There can be dis-connectivity issues with the internet. Click disconnect on the app and connect again.

If you still find any bugs or issues comment below.

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