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10 Most Wanted Tech Gadgets

The 10 Most Wanted Tech Gadgets of 2014

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1. Apple iPhone 6

Surprising absolutely no one, Apple’s iPhone 6 (and its big-boned cousin, the 6 Plus) dominated the dreams of the Yahoo faithful. It even landed as the ninth most searched-for item on all of Yahoo for 2014. Why? Size plays a part. At 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the biggest iPhones Apple has ever built, satisfying fanboy cravings for more screen real estate. Their batteries are bigger, too, and maximum storage is doubled to a whopping 128 GB, while new iOS 8 features like HealthKit and Apple Pay make carrying a wallet full of insurance cards and cash seem almost quaint. Even a few well-publicized bugs and a slight tendency to bend couldn’t put a dent in the iPhone 6’s popularity.

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2. Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy is the Rodney Dangerfield of smartphones. The world’s leading Android handset can never quite match the iPhone mystique, despite Samsung selling twice as many phones as Apple in the third quarter of 2014. And so it goes with Yahoo readers. The feature-engorged Galaxy S5 was the second-most searched-for gadget in 2014, but it still registered less than a third of the buzz generated by the latest i-device. Maybe the smaller, cheaper Samsung Galaxy Alpha phones will get more respect.
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3. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Three years before Apple unveiled the humongo iPhone 6 Plus, there was the Samsung Galaxy Note. The original 5.7-inch “phablet” was the first built by a major smartphone manufacturer; it features a stylus that lets you annotate photos and jot quick handwritten notes, and then convert them to digital text. The Galaxy Note 4 sports a gorgeous Super HD screen, a sharp camera, a longer-lasting battery, and a sturdy aluminum frame. These market-leading features helped earn the Note a slot right behind its Galaxy cousin in Yahoo fans’ list of faves.
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4. GoPro HERO

GoPro or go home” is the rallying cry for thousands of video-happy sports enthusiasts, who have made these rugged portable camcorders a market-defining phenomenon. The latest GoPro HERO4 Black captures 4K images at 30 frames per second and works better in low-light conditions (but costs $500). Most weekend warriors would probably be happy with the GoPro HERO, a $130 cam that grabs full HD images at 30 fps. You say you did a full 720 on a black diamond run at Vail? Video or it didn’t happen.
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5 / 10

5. Apple iPad mini

Call it the Goldilocks syndrome. People like their smartphones to be bigger, but they want their tablets to be smaller. The iPad mini seems to be just right for Yahoo readers, who made the 7-inch Apple tablet the fifth most searched-for gadget in 2014. Last October Apple introduced the new mini 3, which features the Touch ID fingerprint scanner first introduced on the iPhone 5 and works with the Apple Pay touchless payment system. It also dropped the price on the otherwise not-all-that-different iPad mini 2 to $299. If small is beautiful, then small and cheap is even better.
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6. Microsoft XBox One

Ever since the Xbox One debuted in November 2013, it has had its lunch money stolen by the PlayStation 4. Sony sold nearly 14 million units of its $400 gaming console in less than a year, while the One clocked in at just under 10 million. Now it looks like Microsoft may be on the comeback trail. The One outsold its primary rival nearly two to one during the busy post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy, most likely thanks to a timely $50 price cut. It also outdistanced the PS4 in the hearts and minds of Yahoo fans, landing two slots ahead on our Gadget Buzz meter. As they say in the console biz, game on.
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7. Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon’s popular line of ebook readers and tablets really are on fire. (The Fire Phone, though, not so much.) Aside from Samsung’s Galaxy tablets, the Kindle Fires are the only slates capable of giving the iPad a run for your money. Last September, Amazon introduced three new low-priced Kindles: 6- and 7-inch versions of its Fire HD ($99 and $139, respectively), which compete with the iPad mini, and a new higher-resolution Fire HDX, a $379 tablet that goes head to head with the iPad Air. Amazon’s latest ebook reader, the $200 Kindle Voyage, promises to take it even further.
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8. Sony PlayStation 4

Over the past year, the PlayStation 4 quickly cemented its place at the top of the gaming console food chain, thanks in part to being $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. (Now, after Microsoft’s price cutting, it currently costs $50 more.) But it’s also thanks to the PS4’s awesome graphics processing power, which rivals supercomputers of old. Now there are finally titles like Destiny and Assassin’s Creed that can take advantage of the PS4’s advanced capabilities to bring gaming to a whole new level.
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9 / 10

9. Apple iPad Air

Size may be the prize for new smartphones, but when it comes to tablets, thin is in. No slate slices it thinner than the quarter-inch-wide iPad Air 2. To paraphrase Yahoo Tech founding editor David Pogue, “When FedEx comes to deliver it, they’ll probably just slip it under the door.” Aside from its svelte profile, the new Air boasts a touch ID fingerprint scanner, faster processor, better camera, and zippier Wi-Fi than its predecessor. It also looks great in a bikini. (Just kidding.) 
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10 / 10

10. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft advertises the Surface Pro 3 as “the tablet that can replace your laptop,” and with prices ranging from $799 to $1,549, it had better. The Pro 3 is designed with business users in mind; it can run the desktop version of Windows 8 as well as Microsoft Office — you know, actual software, not just apps. The 12-inch tablet comes with a kickstand that lets you incline the screen to almost any angle; the optional keyboard/cover ($120 to $200) attaches magnetically to the bottom of the screen, making the Pro as convenient as an iPad and as powerful as a luxury notebook, if also just as costly.
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