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How to Edit PDF Files in Three Easy Steps

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Three things that many computer users look for in software that they’ll potentially use are: 
1) that it is easy to use, 
2) that it’s useful in their everyday work and 
3) that its price matches its performance.
Able2Extract PDF Converter is a tool that will satisfy these requirements for most people looking for document conversion software. The price of $99 for a lifetime of converting PDFs into MS Office documents, HTMLs, AutoCAD formats and images can be considered a fair deal, especially with the tool’s advanced options like extracting only parts of a document for conversion and customizing PDF spreadsheets prior to conversion to Excel.

Since many documents on the Internet and especially in our computer folders are in Portable Document Format, having a converter that turns these difficult-to-modify files into editable ones is certainly useful for many different job profiles.

Last but not least, Able2Extract’s easy commands and user-friendly interface are features that often come up as some of the tool’s most popular features. Not all computer users are tech-savvy, so a tool that can accommodate both amateurs and experts is always valuable.

For example, Able2Extract users who wish to convert a PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation will do so in three easy steps:

Click on “Open” in the tool’s File menu and locate a PDF file among your computer documents that you’d like to convert.

Use the “Select” option to either select the whole document or extr

act an area that you wish to convert into a PPT slide.
edit pdf file1

Click on “PowerPoint” in the File menu and save your document to your desired location.

edit pdf file2

Users can similarly convert their documents into Word, HTML, OpenOffice, Images, Excel, etc.

For some of these formats the software also provides additional customization options, but these additional steps are as easy and straightforward as the basic 3 conversion steps we just demonstrated.

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