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Facebook : Most Popular Games

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FACEBOOK : Gaming Zone

Facebook might be a social networking site, but it has also become a huge platform for gaming developers and addicts alike since its inception a decade ago. There are few dedicated Facebook users who have never played a single game on this site - for the others, here are the best-performing games this year.

1. Candy Crush Saga

The social games company, King, has the lion's share among the game developers onFacebook. Its most popular game, Candy Crush Saga, peaked as the #1 game on Facebook in January 2013 - and has held that position since then. It now has over 148 million monthly users.

2. Farm Heroes Saga

Yet another match-3 puzzle game developed by King is Farm Heroes Saga which has over 40 million monthly users. Using the match-3 formula popularized in Candy Crush Saga, this game has its own twist on the special combinations and boosts with the objective being to stop Rancid the Raccoon from spoiling the farmlands.

3. Pet Rescue Saga

The third straight 'Saga' is Pet Rescue Saga by King - boasting of over 36 million monthly users. The objective of the game is to clear similar-colored blocks and rescue the pets stuck amidst them.

4. Farmville 2

Another popular game developer on Facebook is Zynga, who burst into the scene of social games with its most popular offering, Farmville, in 2009. The game reached 10 million daily active users in six weeks! The developer unveiled the sequel in 2012, differing from the original Farmville in a number of aspects - and it now boasts of over 28 million monthly users.

5. Dragon City

The Spanish game developers Social Point make a mark on this list with its game Dragon City cinching the fifth spot. A fantasy simulation game where the objective is to breed and raise dragons which are then used to battle other players' dragons, Dragon City has gets over 26 million users on a monthly basis and is probably the first macho game on this list, so to speak.

6. Criminal Case

Criminal Case, also simply referred to as CC, is another hugely popular Facebook game that draws over 25 million monthly users. A detective-themed hidden object game, it was developed and introduced to Facebook by the French social gaming company Pretty Simple in 2012. In 2013, CC became the rage on the social networking site, beating Candy Crush Saga to win the Facebook Game of the Year!

7. Trivia Crack

For those too intellectually-inclined to deign to play any of the above mentioned games, Trivia Crack by Etermax is just the right stuff. A quiz game with different categories where the objective is to collect the characters that correspond to each of the categories, Trivia Crack has over 23 million users every month and is rapidly becoming ever more popular among Facebook gamers.

8. Bubble Witch 2 Saga

A sequel to Bubble Witch Saga, King's first mobile game, Bubble Witch 2 Saga is the eighth most popular Facebook game - with over 22 million users monthly. Just like the other King games, this too employs the match-3 puzzle style and is one of the developer's latest games.

9. Texas HoldEm Poker

Developed by Zynga and also called Zynga Poker, the actual site of the game in itself is the largest poker site in the world. On Facebook, Zynga Poker ranks at #9, with 21 million users every month. With casino lobbies, VIP tables and tournaments, it is a delight for every poker lover.

10. 8 Ball Pool

Developed by Miniclip, 8 Ball Pool is the 10th most popular Facebook game this year, commanding over 19 million monthly users. It is the biggest multiplayer pool game online - and garners a lot of attention for its tournaments, amazing designs in cues, tables and table patterns - as well as national identities.

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