Chrome extensions to Improve Your Browsing Experience

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FEBRUARY 9, 2015

Top 18 most popular Chrome extensions
to Improve Your Browsing Experience

Transform your Chrome browsing experience with the most popular extensions that will help you block ads, find a deal and translate webpages.

If you haven't explored the Chrome Webstore you're in for a treat. There are endless options for jazzing up or cutting back on your browsing environment.
You can check out what you already have in your browser here chrome://extensions/ (make sure you're using Chrome!). Here you can enable, disable and remove and apps or extensions from your browser. Please do read all the terms and conditions before you install anything on your browser or computer.
According to this infographic from the lovely people at BestPlugins, the top 4 Chrome extensions are all based around online security, ad blocking and privacy. I guess that's no surprise.
Further down the list we see more social tools like Google Hangouts, PDF creating, Evernote and other productivity tools.
We'd love to hear from you, do let us know which browsers extensions do you get the most use out of and whether you'll give any of these a try.

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